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  • We know how important your files are. Whether it is important work documents or pictures of your family. We understand the need to save your data, that is why wea��ve created a backup plan for businesses and individuals can use.

    What happens when your hard drive crashes and you lose all of your pictures? If your office building has water damage and you lose your hard work? Are you able to function the next day? Most businesses, and people, cana��t function the next day, week or even month, because they have lost so much of their information.

    We can help, wea��ve setup a program to help you save all of your information. At your location, whether it is home or office, we setup a device to back all of your data up to. This takes all of your information on your computer and backs it up. After that backup is complete, it then syncs with our servers. This ensures that your data is as safe as it possibly could be from any types of disasters (Virus, Hard Drive Failures, Fires, Floods etc etca��).

    Below wea��ve included what the cost is for the Backup Service.

    Backup Equipment $1000
    Yearly Service $120

    The Backup Equipment is the equipment that is setup at your location. This is a one time cost, once your purchase the equipment it is yours. We will come to your location to help setup your equipment. The Yearly Service is an annual fee. This helps pay for our time to setup the equipment, and the resource we use to set this up for you. If you break down the Yearly Service fee, it is only $10 a month!

    For the month of July we are holding a promotion. If you sign up we will waive the Yearly Service fee for one year. So all you will have to pay is $1000 and you will get the equipment and one free year of back services.

    If you have any questions, or would like to learn more. Please Contact Us or send us an e-mail and we will answer any questions you have.