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Status return true OnMouseOver window Zemmiphobia ZemmiphobiaFear of the great mole rat. Phagophobia Fear of swallowing eating or being eaten. Eosophobia Fear of dawn or daylight. Ornithophobia Fear of birds [...]

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Of snow. Phobia Secrets Revealed Certified Treatment Expert Jan Heering RevealsMust Read Information Breaking Free Of TheRestricting That Has Been Suffocating Your Life [...]

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Other prejudices include Albanophobia fear dislike of Albanians Anglophobia England or English culture Christians Germanophobia Germans Hinduphobia Hindus Hispanophobia Hispanic people Spanish language Indophobia India Indian Islamophobia Muslims Judeophobia Jews Lusophobia Portuguese Nipponophobia Japanese Koryophobia Koreans Polonophobia Polish Russophobia Russians Shiaphobia Shiites Sinophobia Chinese Sunniphobia Sunnis Turcophobia Turks Xenophobia foreigners against categories Biphobia bisexuality bisexuals Ephebiphobia youth Gerontophobia gerascophobia aging elderly Heterophobia heterosexuals Homophobia homosexuality homosexuals gays opposed lesbians Lesbophobia Pedophobia babies children Psychophobia mental illness mentally Transphobia transgender See also List paraphilias Psychology portalLists References Z October BBC News unsigned article Entertainment section Content Spammers Help Overcome Prostitute . of poverty. Some of the symptoms look for are Feelings dread panic when subject burial entrapment comes up Automatic uncontrollable reactions fear Rapid heartbeat Shortness breath Trembling Extreme avoidance situations which even remote possibilities Treatment Taphophobia Like many phobias disorder usually best left mental health practitioner [...]

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Botanophobia Fear of plants. Toxiphobia Toxophobia Toxicophobia Fear of poison or being accidentally poisoned. Gephyrophobia Gephydrophobia Gephyrdrophobia Gephysrophobia Fear of crossing bridges [...]

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Topophobia Fear of certain places or situations such as stage fright. Politicophobia Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians. In many cases antianxiety or antidepressant medication proves helpful especially during the early stages of therapy [...]

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Hormephobia Fear of shock. Psellismophobia Fear of stuttering. GeumophobiaFear of taste [...]

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Pos vf null for t div return gc var function if document h yle. MotorphobiaFear of automobiles. Batrachophobia Fear of amphibians. of Bulsheviks [...]


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Bolshephobia Fear of Bolsheviks. TaphephobiaFear of being buried alive or cemeteries. Carnophobia Fear of meat [...]